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Lookit frens!
Wonder Woman

calendarsquares holding it's final rumble! come join us for one last fun activity! ❤️❤️❤️

Elizabeth Mitchell

1-10 One Day At A Time for icons10in20 at dreamwidth.


  1. Hi hi. It's been a while. :D

  2. I forgot to do the crosspost thing so here I am, making a separate post.Anyway, it feels nice to post something here.

  3. I've been super rusty but it sure feels fun to make icons again so yay!

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Daft Punk
1-5 [ V for Vendetta, 500 Days of Summer, Harry Potter, Ghosbusters, Mad Max Fury Road]
6-10 [ Girl, Interrupted, Back To The Future, Doctor Strange, La La Land, Beauty and The Beast]
11-15 [ Logan x 2, Dexter, Riverdale x 2]
16-20 [ Inuyasha, Shin Hye Sun x 2, Circle (Kdrama), 2046]
21-25 [ Community x 2, Wonder Woman x 3]
26-30 [ Lana Del Ray, The Weeknd, Suman Sridhar,  M.I.A x 2]
31-35 [ Daft Punk, St. Vincent x 2, Emily Haines x 2]


  1. My first and last post of 2017. I'm sort of embarrassed by my output but kind of suprised I managed to icon at all. This was not a good year.

  2. This is a hodgepodge of fandoms so pls bear with that. It was because most of these icons were made for icontests.

  3. How does one icon anyway??? I feel so out of practice. ;____;

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(no subject)
Daft Punk
So the photobucket problem did hit me. I think I have about 40 odd posts to repost, from 2010 to 2015. Luckily, I tend to save posts according to year and the order of posting, so that's one good thing for me in that I dont have to sort everything out.

Other than that, I will slowly be rehosting my icons. So please bear with me. :)

Gravity Falls ; Starstruck Mabel
1-5 - Zootopia
6-10 - Zootopia , Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Supergirl
11-15 - Captain America, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Halsey, St. Vincent, Pushing Daisies
16-20 - Harry Potter
21-25 - Harry Potter, Community
26-30 - Community, Teen Wolf
31-34 - Suicide Squad


1. A 2016 cleanout post that I should have done a long, long time ago. :D
2. Happy new year everybuddy! ♥

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Lookit you guys!
Alison Brie


It's that time again! Go participate you guys, for fun times to be had by all. :)

PS - I'm sorry about a lack of icon posts. But I promise, I'll post one before the year ends.

Lookit you guys!
Alison Brie

Sign up for the new round

Alison Brie
Community  1-10
The Grand Budapest Hotel  11-15
Pushing Daisies  16-20
Community, The Grand Budapest Hotel  21-25
Halsey, St. Vincent  26-28


  1. Phew. I did it. I never thought I would finish my entry for technique20in20 seeing as I have had next to no time. But I did. So yay!

  2. This is honestly such a hodge podge. That's what being hasty will do to you though. To be honest, I did try my hardest to make icons which I would like. I think I did okay for most of the set ( EXCEPT FOR WIZARD. Idk you guys, I suck at composition ;__;)

  3. The orginial idea was to do one fandom for each class, but the lack of time meant that I used Community for both Bard and Wizard, cause when it doubt, stick with what you know and Community is one of those shows for which adding text is absolutely no problemo.

  4. Icon #3 was inspired by this amazing tutorial by jellybeansraw. I would normally never touch blocking with a ten-feet pole, but when making that icon, I wanted to try it and I also remembered their tutorial on it and how I never got around to it. And voila, an icon with blocking. Lettuce be real, it might be so-so, but for me it's a triumph. B-)

  5. Enjoy?

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if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine
feel free to watch the community!

Alison Brie
1-10 Moonrise Kingdom for 10in30
11-16 - Moonrise Kingdom
17 - Mads Mikkelson
18-20 Preacher


  1. This movie has become one of my all-time favourites. And I've been wanting to icon it for a while. The current challenge at 10in30 seemed like the perfect oppurtunity!

  2. If you hover on the icons, you will find a small explanation of why I chose matched that particular trope to that icon. The explanations also give away a few plot details so if you want to watch the movie and don't want to be spoiled, avoid hovering on the icons.

  3. Enjoy? :)

icons under the cutCollapse )
if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons will do.
feel free to watch the comm!

Alison Brie
Suicide Squad - 1 to 3
Teen Wolf - 4 to 10
The Grand Budapest Hotel - 11 to 15
Lost - 16 to 18
The Dark Knight - 19 to 24
Interstellar - 25 to 32
Community -  33 to 46
The Chronicles of Narnia - 47 to 49
Mad Max - 50 & 51
Miscellaneous - 52 to 62 [Pushing Daisies, Vikings, Spy, Humans, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Preacher, Poldark (2), Moonrise Kingdom, Harry Potter (2)]


1. Welp, it's been a while.
2. I was just too lazy to make an organized post, hence the icon pile-up.
3. If this post is a mess, that is because it is a mess. I've been trying out a bunch of different stuff, mainly to amuse myself.
4. I should also say, god bless naginis' tutorial with the copper gradients. That tutorial opened up a whole new world literally and I've been using all manners of gradients. They are so cool and I'm kicking myself for not having touched them before. The tutorial in question.
5. I hope you all are doing great! :)

icons under the cutCollapse )
if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine.