Wonder Woman


10 Emma icons for somein30


  • The last blended icon I made was bout 6 years ago? So it was a struggle. I feel accomplished just for even managing it. And 2 blending icons in one post??? Who am I even??

  • I'm so out of practice when it comes to making technical icons, cause I usually default to the simple stuff. So this was hard but also enjoyable.

  • The goal was to do 10. I couldnt so here I am, with 6, just one past the minimum. Shortest icon post ever. Edit: I was able to hit 10!



I went for super-hard mode because why not struggle and make things hard for myself?

Dice throws : 3 4 3 2 6 4 2 5 3 1

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Wonder Woman


1-5 - Murder On The Orient Express
6-10 - Murder On The Orient Express x 2 , Carol x 3
11-15 - Carol x 1, The Handmaiden x 4
16-20 - Sanditon x 3, Marie Antoinette x 2
21-25 - Vertigo x 1, The Mummy x 1, Community x 3
26-30 - Community x 4, Good Omens x 1
31-35 - Good Omens x 4, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina x 1
36-40 - The Orville x 1, Trial and Error x 3, Harry Potter x 1
41-45 - Harry Potter x 1, Good Girls x 4
46-50 - Good Girls
51-55 - Hotel Del Luna
56-60 - Pushing Daisies
61-65 - Pushing Daisies x 3, The OA x 1, One Day At A Time x 1
66-70 - Thor x 3, Howl's Moving Castle x 1, Veronica Mars x 1
71-75 - Wynonna Earp x 2, Vampire Diaries x 1, Cardcaptor Sakura x 1, Shameless x 1
76-80  Kristen Bell x 1, The 100 x 2, The Fall x 1, Anna Karenina x 1
81 - Poldark x 1


  • This is what I get for hoarding icons from 2018 and not posting. A monster hodge-podge icon post.

  • Icons were made for a mix of things such as battles, icontests and in some cases, pure boredom and the desire to icon something

  • The Good Girls icons were made from a capspam I made for tumblr.

  • Icons 1 to 22 were made for the recent Period Battle hosted by sietepecados. I also included some alts I hadnt posted for the battle.

  • It took me way too long to format this post; I am embarrased to admit.

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Wonder Woman


1-5 - Carol, Murder on The Orient Express, Community (2), Amelie
6-10 - The Neon Demon, Murder on The Orient Express, Melancholia, Teen Wolf, Atomic Blonde


1. Hi! It's been a while. Two years almost you could say.
2. As it tends to happen, life and work got in the way of things.
3. I do have a dump post coming of bits and bobs, but for now, here are some icons I made for this month's Mystery Bag round at monthlyinspo
4. I am so terribly out of practice but I kind of also forgot how fun iconmaking can be!

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Elizabeth Mitchell


1-10 One Day At A Time for icons10in20 at dreamwidth.


  1. Hi hi. It's been a while. :D

  2. I forgot to do the crosspost thing so here I am, making a separate post.Anyway, it feels nice to post something here.

  3. I've been super rusty but it sure feels fun to make icons again so yay!

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Daft Punk


1-5 [ V for Vendetta, 500 Days of Summer, Harry Potter, Ghosbusters, Mad Max Fury Road]
6-10 [ Girl, Interrupted, Back To The Future, Doctor Strange, La La Land, Beauty and The Beast]
11-15 [ Logan x 2, Dexter, Riverdale x 2]
16-20 [ Inuyasha, Shin Hye Sun x 2, Circle (Kdrama), 2046]
21-25 [ Community x 2, Wonder Woman x 3]
26-30 [ Lana Del Ray, The Weeknd, Suman Sridhar,  M.I.A x 2]
31-35 [ Daft Punk, St. Vincent x 2, Emily Haines x 2]


  1. My first and last post of 2017. I'm sort of embarrassed by my output but kind of suprised I managed to icon at all. This was not a good year.

  2. This is a hodgepodge of fandoms so pls bear with that. It was because most of these icons were made for icontests.

  3. How does one icon anyway??? I feel so out of practice. ;____;

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Daft Punk

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So the photobucket problem did hit me. I think I have about 40 odd posts to repost, from 2010 to 2015. Luckily, I tend to save posts according to year and the order of posting, so that's one good thing for me in that I dont have to sort everything out.

Other than that, I will slowly be rehosting my icons. So please bear with me. :)
Gravity Falls ; Starstruck Mabel


1-5 - Zootopia
6-10 - Zootopia , Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Supergirl
11-15 - Captain America, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Halsey, St. Vincent, Pushing Daisies
16-20 - Harry Potter
21-25 - Harry Potter, Community
26-30 - Community, Teen Wolf
31-34 - Suicide Squad


1. A 2016 cleanout post that I should have done a long, long time ago. :D
2. Happy new year everybuddy! ♥

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