Community ; GASP

I signed up for the gift exchange at calendarsquares and so should you! :D

Community ; GASP
Gravity Falls - 1 to 13
Teen Wolf - 14 to 34
Community - 35 to 36


  1. So. It is has been a while since the last post.

  2. The thing is, I made a bunch of stuff and then got lazy about posting them.

  3. Also, I lost my drive a little bit?

  4. Sighs.

  5. I hope you guys are all doing great! :)

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If you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine
Um, pls dont claim as your own?

Gravity Falls ; Dipper
1-20 [Community]


1. I present to you my slapdash entry for Round 35: Flashback at 20inspirations.
2. This week has been crazy busy RL-wise and I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get around to finishing my set.
3. I also kind of lost steam for like the last 5 icons. Idk you guys, I'm not very pleased with them. Especially the last three.
4. All my icons are a combination of the themes Muted and Vintage  and Text. Can we pls ignore the part where some icons are not exactly muted and vintage but some weird inbetween?
5. I LOVE COLOUR SO MUCH. It was terrible to not be able to saturate my icons with colour as I like to do. And a good challenge too.
6. Most of the Jeff and Annie icons are weirdly shippy. (NOT SORRY). There's some shippy Britta too in there. I'm sad I couldnt make proper icons of Abed but I was really pressed for time and made do with the caps I already had.
7. Enjoy! Feedback is more than welcome.

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Gravity Falls ; Dipper

1-5 - Teen Wolf
6-10 - Sarah Bolger, OUAT, Sleeping Beauty, The Tudors
11-15 - Sense 8
16-20 - OUAT, Daredevil
21-25 - Sense 8, Sarah Bolger, Daredevil
26-30 - OUAT, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter

 photo tw-1_zps8wt0wgvy.png  photo sense-8-8_zpsml4a7uod.png  photo blighted_star-1_zpsrie3bnbt.png  photo dd-2_zpsthl8mqb8.png


1. Yay! I got done with the requests. You guys, please let me know if you are not fine with your icons. I'm more than happy to re-do them.
2. This is honestly the most fun I've had making icons in a long time. As you can see, this post contains a mess of styles and by gum, it was fun!
3. This post is also suffering from a severe case of alternates. I guess that is what comes of comparing the merits of text vs. non-text, lighting vs. no lighting.
4. Hope you guys are doing good! :)

P.S - All request icons are shareable.

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Tutorial 5: A Few Icon-Making Tips
Gravity Falls ; Dipper

Note: This is a tutorial I'd made for someone on Tumblr a while back. It deals with very basic icon-making tips. I've been meaning to post it here but I kept forgetting to do so. :/

 photo Banner-1_zpsc6b0994f.png

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Community; Britta-bot

1-13 - Pushing Daisies
14-17 - Doctor Who
18-21 - Brooklyn Nine Nine
22-24 - Fight Club, Teen Wolf, Dexter
25-32 - Community


1. I rewatched Pushing Daisies for the fourth time. And was filled with the urge to icon. *_*
2. I was/am toying around with matte colouring and grunge. Its very fun.
3. I am working on the requests! If you would still like to request something, you can go here and do so. :)

 photo pd-5_zpspquw9f2t.png  photo pd-2_zpstfk1xsu0.png  photo 7-germanica_zpshbxawkqg.png

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f you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine

It's Request Time!
Community; In a different time
This year, inkblush_icons turned 5 years old! Granted, it turned 5 in March and I failed to notice, but still, 5 LONG YEARS. :D

I never imagined that iconning would be a hobby that I would stick with for so long! Also, heyyyyyy, I crossed 100 watchers!!!  To combine these two milestones, I wanted to do something celebratory. Therefore, it's request time! :DD

Request away my lovely peeps! I'm thinking a 5 icon-limit per person should be fine. It would be fantastic if you could give me the screencaps you want icons of, if not, just leave a comment with the fandom/character/thing you want iconned and I'll do my best to icon them for you!

Community; In a different time
1-5 - Captain America, Community
6-10 - Brooklyn Nine Nine, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
11-15 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Harry Potter, Big Hero 6, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
16-20 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Emperor's New Groove, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid
21-25 - Brave, Hercules, The Princess and The Frog, Mulan, Cars
26-30 - Frozen, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Tangled

 photo disney-1_zpsw5hzgsal.png


  1. An assorted collection of icons made for turbo-rumble ( i was catpaws coolio :D ), a tasteislife activity and the disney icon battle.

  2. I'll admit, I quite like most of these icons. They were fun to make. :')

  3. I mainlined Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it was glorious.

  4. I also watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And it was awesome.

  5. I finally feel like a got a handle on iconning animation. EXPECT MOAR ANIMATED ICONS MUAHAHA.

  6. I hope you guys are doing great! <3

Note 2 : ETA : I totally forgot about the fact that this year in May, inkblush_icons turned 5. 5 YEARS YOU GUYS. Also, I crossed the magic mark of 100 followers. WOHOOO. So I was contemplating a request post? Would people be interested? :)
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Community; In a different time

1-5 - Orphan Black
6-15 - Miscellaneous ( Gone Girl, Harry Potter, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Community, Maleficent, Sleepy Hollow, Big Hero 6)


1. This is a pretty small batch from me. A collection of leftovers as it were, from various icontests, activities and battles that I did not get around to completing.

2. Hope you all are doing good!

 photo ob-22_zpst9mljx9k.png  photo hp---nox_zps7b1tyz15.png  photo tgbh-1_zps9zh2wmyc.png

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if you woulf like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine.</center>

Community Battle with Nightbulbs
Community; In a different time
1-25 - Community ( 11 nightbulbs, 14 applepips16 )


Back in November 2014, when the so very nightbulbs put up her request post, I was torn. Do I request or do I request a Community battle? On the one hand, pretties but on the other hand, MOAR pretties so I decided upon a Community battle and she so very awesome obliged. :D

Here are the fruits of our labours. I hope you like them. Please go shower Mathilde with all of your love over here. :D

Thank you Mathilde for battling with me! ILUUU <3

alttimeline2 stocktextures.png

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