Community; In a different time

1-5 - Orphan Black
6-15 - Miscellaneous ( Gone Girl, Harry Potter, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Community, Maleficent, Sleepy Hollow, Big Hero 6)


1. This is a pretty small batch from me. A collection of leftovers as it were, from various icontests, activities and battles that I did not get around to completing.

2. Hope you all are doing good!

 photo ob-22_zpst9mljx9k.png  photo hp---nox_zps7b1tyz15.png  photo tgbh-1_zps9zh2wmyc.png

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Community Battle with Nightbulbs
Community; In a different time
1-25 - Community ( 11 nightbulbs, 14 applepips16 )


Back in November 2014, when the so very nightbulbs put up her request post, I was torn. Do I request or do I request a Community battle? On the one hand, pretties but on the other hand, MOAR pretties so I decided upon a Community battle and she so very awesome obliged. :D

Here are the fruits of our labours. I hope you like them. Please go shower Mathilde with all of your love over here. :D

Thank you Mathilde for battling with me! ILUUU <3

alttimeline2 stocktextures.png

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Community ; Abed Nadir
1-21 - Orphan Black for inspired20in20


  1. This has to be one of the most hastily made icon sets ever. But I couldnt resist this month's inspired20in20 challenge. It was a fantastic one. :D

  2. You can kind of see where my inspiration petered off. -_- I got an early start on my set but then RL butted in and away went my free time.

  3. I have only watched the first 3 eps so far ( once again, thank you RL) but I am loving Orphan Black so far. And Tatiana Maslany is fantastic. I arrived a bit late to the party but I am glad I arrived nonetheless

  4. I hope you are having an awesome time my dudes. :)

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Community ; Annie Edison

1-5 - The Walking Dead, The Fall, Taylor Swift, Kermit the Frog
6-10 - Once Upon A Time, Community, Teen Wolf
11-14 - Teen Wolf
15-19 - Community
20-24 - Community, The Amazing Spiderman, Harry Potter
25-29 - Harry Potter, Inception, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Tangled
30-34 - Captain America, Star Trek, Interstellar, Chuck
35-37 - Teen Wolf

1. WASSUP DUDES. I hope you guys are spiffy. :D
2. So I never got around to doing a cleanout postofr 2014. Which is why you will find a bunch of icons from 2014 here.
3. This post is full of half-done entries for various icontests. I seem to have lost my drive to icon. ;________;
4. here's to getting my drive back.

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# 38
Community; In a different time
Community - 1-20 for character20n20


  1. YAS. First post of 2015. :D

  2. I hope everyone is doing great.


  4. WORDS cannot express how much I love Annie Edison. MY BABU. <3

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# 37
Community; In a different time

1-4 - David Bowie, Skins, Lost, Parks and Recreation
5-8 - How To Get Away With Murder, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Pyscho-Pass
9-17 - Teen Wolf
18-19 - Harry Potter
20-22 - Doctor Who
23-24 - Community

 photo tw-6_zps6eb30970.png  photo hp1_zpsffd18b4f.png  photo dw1_zps9550039e.png

  1. This post is a mess of fandoms.

  2. These icons were made for an assortment of activities.


  4. Last post of the year! :D

  5. A very happy new year to all you lovelies! I hope you have a fantabulous 2015! <3

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Community; In a different time

    It's Giftmas Time!

It's a gift-giving icon-activity at iconsomething! Please do go there and participate. It would make me VERY happy! :)

Community ; Jeff/Annie
1-5 Teen Wolf
6-10 Community
11-15 Harry Potter
16-20 Brookly Nine Nine
21-26 Harry Potter and Teen Wolf


1. First 20 icons are for Round 40 of inspired20in20. I signed up and was determined my get my set in this time. I DIDDDD. :D
2. For the first 15 icons, I was in a really nice iconning space and I liked the icons I made. But then I sort of lost the flow and the deadline caught up and I kind of half-assed the B99 icons. :/
3. Grunge textures are currently my jam. As are gradients.
4. I did not mean to get shippy with HP and Community. Its just kinda happened?
5. I hope you like these! :)

 photo insp20-6_zps1995eaaa.png  photo insp20-4_zpsa16abf2b.png  photo insp20-17_zps7e9e75c1.png  photo teenwolf-2_zps44ae05e1.png

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Community ; Annie Edison

1-10 Misc. [ Pokemon, It's ALways Sunny In Philadelphia, Nikita, Community, True Blood, Lady Gaga, Pretty Little Liars, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo]
11-16 Harry Potter
17-49 Teen Wolf
50-51 Donten ni Warau
52-60 Misc. [Dangan Ronpa, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Fire Emblem Awakening, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroko no Basket, Fate/ Series, The Mindy Project, Chuck]
61-70 The Amazing Spiderman 2

 photo tw-2_zpsk639fzpx.gif  photo tw-7_zpsf496c4e1.png  photo tasm-3_zps9fc056f5.png


1. Welp. Its been a while since the last icon post.
2. Assortment of icons made for mm comm activities, icontests, and just because I felt like making them.
3. I finally discovered how to make gifs. As you can see, I may have gone a wee bit overboard. :D
4. I went overboard with the alts too. \o/

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comments are loue <3
if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons will do

Community ; Annie Edison

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