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 Mad Max: Fury Road - [1-17]


  1. I was rewatching Mad Max the other day and felt extremely inspired, saved some caps and decided I wanted to try the challenge for 10in30 and then set to work over the weekend.

  2. I tried stuff. Which is to say I tried to use more textures, gradients and colourful text.  I made the icons in stages. I first made a few muted icons, but decided I wanted to make more colourful stuff. So I took those muted icons and vomited a bunch of adjustment layers on them and voila, here you have it.

  3. Also two posts in one month? Unheard of. :D

  4. Enjoy? *sweats*

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if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine

Community ; GASP
1-20 Grace Kelly for guesswho20in20
21-22 Grace Kelly
23 Teen Wolf
24-25 Community


  1. Hello everybuddy! :D

  2. First post of 2016 YEAHHHH

  3. So I signed up for guesswho20in20 last year hehehe and got Grace Kelly. Lauren Bacall is my forever fave but Miss Kelly is not too bad either. I urge you to participate in the comm because it is great!! Themes are listed on top of the icon rows.

  4. All icons are from 2016. :D

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if you would like to credit, either inkblush_icons or applepips16 is fine

Community ; GASP
Community - 1-4
Supernatural - 5
Red Velvet ( Wendy) - 6-7
Taylor Swift - 8-9
HyunA - 10-11
Halsey - 12-13
Amelie - 14-20


  1. End of the year clean out post.

  2. Some of these were made for challenges, some of them for secret santa exchanges and some of them JUST BECAUSE you can never have enough Annie Edison icons.

  3. Happy Holidays you guys. I hope you are all doing great and have a fantastic new year! ♥

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if you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine

Its Giftmas Time!
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Community ; GASP

I signed up for the gift exchange at calendarsquares and so should you! :D

Community ; GASP
Gravity Falls - 1 to 13
Teen Wolf - 14 to 34
Community - 35 to 36


  1. So. It is has been a while since the last post.

  2. The thing is, I made a bunch of stuff and then got lazy about posting them.

  3. Also, I lost my drive a little bit?

  4. Sighs.

  5. I hope you guys are all doing great! :)

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If you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine
Um, pls dont claim as your own?

Gravity Falls ; Dipper
1-20 [Community]


1. I present to you my slapdash entry for Round 35: Flashback at 20inspirations.
2. This week has been crazy busy RL-wise and I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get around to finishing my set.
3. I also kind of lost steam for like the last 5 icons. Idk you guys, I'm not very pleased with them. Especially the last three.
4. All my icons are a combination of the themes Muted and Vintage  and Text. Can we pls ignore the part where some icons are not exactly muted and vintage but some weird inbetween?
5. I LOVE COLOUR SO MUCH. It was terrible to not be able to saturate my icons with colour as I like to do. And a good challenge too.
6. Most of the Jeff and Annie icons are weirdly shippy. (NOT SORRY). There's some shippy Britta too in there. I'm sad I couldnt make proper icons of Abed but I was really pressed for time and made do with the caps I already had.
7. Enjoy! Feedback is more than welcome.

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Gravity Falls ; Dipper

1-5 - Teen Wolf
6-10 - Sarah Bolger, OUAT, Sleeping Beauty, The Tudors
11-15 - Sense 8
16-20 - OUAT, Daredevil
21-25 - Sense 8, Sarah Bolger, Daredevil
26-30 - OUAT, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter

 photo tw-1_zps8wt0wgvy.png  photo sense-8-8_zpsml4a7uod.png  photo blighted_star-1_zpsrie3bnbt.png  photo dd-2_zpsthl8mqb8.png


1. Yay! I got done with the requests. You guys, please let me know if you are not fine with your icons. I'm more than happy to re-do them.
2. This is honestly the most fun I've had making icons in a long time. As you can see, this post contains a mess of styles and by gum, it was fun!
3. This post is also suffering from a severe case of alternates. I guess that is what comes of comparing the merits of text vs. non-text, lighting vs. no lighting.
4. Hope you guys are doing good! :)

P.S - All request icons are shareable.

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Tutorial 5: A Few Icon-Making Tips
Gravity Falls ; Dipper

Note: This is a tutorial I'd made for someone on Tumblr a while back. It deals with very basic icon-making tips. I've been meaning to post it here but I kept forgetting to do so. :/

 photo Banner-1_zpsc6b0994f.png

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Community ; GASP

1-13 - Pushing Daisies
14-17 - Doctor Who
18-21 - Brooklyn Nine Nine
22-24 - Fight Club, Teen Wolf, Dexter
25-32 - Community


1. I rewatched Pushing Daisies for the fourth time. And was filled with the urge to icon. *_*
2. I was/am toying around with matte colouring and grunge. Its very fun.
3. I am working on the requests! If you would still like to request something, you can go here and do so. :)

 photo pd-5_zpspquw9f2t.png  photo pd-2_zpstfk1xsu0.png  photo 7-germanica_zpshbxawkqg.png

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f you would like to credit, either applepips16 or inkblush_icons is fine


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